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Ash Samadi Established in 1988, the first member of Samadi group was formed as a small family business. Ever since, throughout a number of economic and property cycles synonymous with the property industry in Australia, the Ash Samadi group has not only overcome adversities and challenges, but also our Ash Samadi have firmly grounded its operation to be one of the longest established and most respected private companies in the industry.

Our ASH SAMADI Services

The Ash Samadi group’s structure encompasses several interrelated companies involved in different facets of the property industry. These activities include:

  • Development
  • Construction
  • Asset Management
  • Syndications & Joint Ventures
  • Finance

The Ash Samadi group is currently headed by Ash Samadi, and despite the exponential growth of the business since its humble beginnings, the corporate structure and philosophy remains as hands-on as ever. 


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